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Together with RUA ABOGADOS we have brought to life the platform BAa – RUA ABOGADOS, with locations in Bogotá, Bucaramanga and Villavicencio, in which we offer, among other services:

  • Analysis and identification of the most adequate body for the client to develop its business activity in Colombia.
  • Constitution, opening, registry and startup of the company.
  • Legal assessment and accompaniment services.
  • Research and offering of reliable local partners.
  • Search for procurements, in all areas, and in particular, regarding infrastructures, energy and environment, in each case looking for the ideal partnership when necessary.
  • Assessment in project formulation, in liquidation, partnership constitutions, “temporary companies unifications” or any other necessary legal instrument to concur, and follow-up until the completion.
  • We offer provisional locations for the startup.

Our principal areas are:

  • Infrastructure and Real Estates.
  • Environment.
  • Renewable Energies.
  • Agribusiness.

Management of international technical assistance projects

BAa Advocats founded in 2001 Base Assistència i Assessorament Consultors, S.L. (BAa Consultors) for the management of programmes and projects of multilateral organizations in the international development cooperation sector.

With headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and office in San Jose, Costa Rica, BAa Consultors, specializes in services of formulation, execution, follow-up, evaluation and administration of international technical assistance programmes and projects.

BAa has a multidisciplinary team with a background in legal, political and social sciences, rendering its services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan and has a wide network of consultants in their areas of specialization.

Main management areas:

Democratization and Governance.

Institutional strengthening and State reform, namely Public Administration, Justice Administration, reinforcement of Civil Society and Rule of Law, protection and promotion of Human Rights, electoral assistance, peace building, security and the fight against organized crime.

Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

Social inclusion and protection to vulnerable groups including indigenous communities, minors, youth and women. Local development, welfare and food security programmes.

Education and Employment.

Primary, secondary and higher education, formal and non-formal education, vocational training and capacity building, labour market, human resources and socio-labour reintegration.

Regional and Economic Development.

Development and reform of private sector policies, trade promotion, regional economic integration, support to small medium enterprises (SME).

Since its creation, BAa Consultors has implemented more than 100 projects in 70 countries including Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Pacific, working regularly with the European Commission through EuropeAid, both in framework contract and technical assistance projects.

International Networks

We are members of CONSULEGIS network formed by Law Firms of similar characteristics to us, implemented in 42 countries and 150 cities, which allows us to canalize cases and to defend the interests of our customers all around the world.

International Debt Recovery

This law firm is a member of the EuroCollectNet Lawyers International Debt Recovery, economic interest group, for the purpose of debt collection in any European country.

We are members of the Commercial Bar Association and of the American Lawyers Quarterly which allows us to take charge of quantity claims to almost all the countries of the world.

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Barcelona: 23 - 26 abril 2015

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