Practice areas

Our Firm aims to satisfy the legal needs whether they are individuals or companies, offering the Legal Services from a multidisciplinary point of view. As an example, we may quote:

Commercial Law

  • We give advice and we can manage all kind of commercial activities. From the creation of companies, tracking of evolvement of a company within all its aspects, executive board, hiring, company restructuring procedures and all kind of negotiations.
  • Due diligences and tracking in the acquisition or company mergers.

Intellectual Property

  • We track the attainment and impugnment of patents and trademarks either within Europe or Spain. We count with a network of collaborating firms who can investigate trademarks throughout the world.
  • Defence of Industrial and Intellectual Property rights. Defence of royalties and distributions rights.

Public Law

  • We intervene in all kind of procedures in front of local, autonomous and state public administrations.
  • We can provide assessment in public tenders, licensing, and concessions and in general, in negotiation and public procurements.

Tax Law

  • We offer to plan and consult the taxes in all kind of commercial operations and family assets.
  • We provide defence in all Tax Agency procedures.

Labour Law

  • Labour dispute negotiation and mediation in Employment agreements and in Collective Dismissal Procedures.
  • Legal counselling and intervention in all employment hiring as well as dismissal due to economic difficulties or for disciplinary reasons. Layoff plans.
  • Follow-up of occupational health and safety plans and all class of interventions in front of Labour authority and Social Security.

Civil Law

  • Assessment to all kind of Civil Law matters in all its ambits.
  • Law of obligations, contracting, wills and succession matters, Property Laws, Registers and Family Law, such as dissolution of marriage proceedings, domestic partnerships, minor children or division of marital property.

Procedural Law

  • Proceedings and defence in all forms of procedures and levels, in the following jurisdictions: contentious-administrative, mercantile, civil, criminal and labour.
  • We also manage proceedings in mediation and arbitration.

Criminal Law

  • Intervention in procedures related to economic and property crimes, crimes against persons or procedures related to criminal liability of legal entities.
  • Crimes against the government, environmental crimes and crimes derived of urban development.

Real Estate Law

  • Assessment in all sort of Real estate transactions and leases.
  • We provide legal security to the transmission and taxation. Redaction and elaboration of leasing contracts.

Sports Law

  • Legal advice from a multidisciplinary point of view to professional leagues, federations, clubs and sports organisations or professional players. We offer assessment in all kind of aspects related to contracts, sponsor agreements, image rights and we intervene in sanction procedures and any other aspect affecting professional sportive practice.

Environmental and Sustainable Development Law

  • Processing of environmental permits and reporting. Processing of wastewater treatment/sanitation and waste management files. Transactions of authorizations and redaction of environmental reports.
  • We offer assessment in renewable energy public procurement easing the bidding.

Human Rights

  • We have intervened, and we intervene in all kind of proceedings involving protection of fundamental rights. Constitutional Court appeals and European Court of Human Rights proceedings.

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